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The Iain Lee Pocket Radio Show was a much bigger success than I could ever have hoped for. It had well over 1.3 million downloads and even made a few quid. Not a lot, but certainly more than I expected. All of this from something I recorded in my spare room (hate to pull the curtain away, but I did actually record it in my spare room. There was no luxury Soho studio. Apologies.)

It was an experiment and it worked and I am immensely proud of it. This is why I am remixing and rereleasing the first series with each episode approximately 30 minutes longer than the original release.

It got me thinking – how do I follow that up? A second series is the obvious next step, and that may possibly still happen, but obvious next steps are not really my thing. I like to take the not so obvious step and mix things up a little.

So, my friend Paul and I have come up with the next project – The Iain Lee Pocket Television Show.

Iain Lee Pocket Television Show

Iain Lee Pocket Television Show

The intention is to do what no TV producer has ever been able to do, and make a TV show of my old radio show, or more accurately, of the podcast.

The premise is simple – me as host, a guest and your Skype calls, ideally with video. It would still be as low budget as possible. At the moment I am thinking of filming it in my garage (I haven’t actually mentioned this to my wife yet. I will do before we start. Promise.) A guest will join me and we take Skype calls. It will be pay per view, like the boxing, but with a cheaper subscription plan – maybe a quid or 2 quid per show. A 3 minute ‘best of’ would get posted up on YouTube as a teaser and to try and attract more people. We would be putting a lot of trust in the viewer not to tape the whole episode themselves, easily done online, and distribute it. But I think I can trust most of you. You are generally forward thinkers, supportive of not only my projects but also of new ideas and technology. We might even have ads or sponsors.

Now, this is where it gets tricky. We do want this to be as home grown and as low budget as possible BUT we also want it to look good. Better than good. It has to be professional. I don’t want this to be some crappy looking thing that an 8 year old does with his webcam.

We at the moment have no budget. And while I will of course spend a few quid of my own, I do need help. And this is where you come in. I have a shopping list, a whole load of technical bits and pieces that Paul and I have decided we need to make this look halfway decent. I am asking you if you can help. If you can supply any or all of this, I would love to hear from you. It’s a long shot, I know, but I do have to ask. There is a chance this project may not happen simply because of the initial outlay of gadgets required. If you think you can help with either equipment or even a studio with live streaming facilities, please do email


Camera – Needs to output HD signal via HDMI or HD-SDI

2 x cameras

1. Canon Legria HF G10 (


2. Canon XA10 (


Video Capture card

Matrox VS4 Quad capture card (


Video output card (for Skype output)

Gigabyte Radeon HD 5450 1GB


PCs (One for Skype output and one for video capture) Note, we could probable get away without one for Skype but we will need a decent PC for capture


Dell XPS 8500 (

HDMI to HD-SDI convertor

Assorted cables (HDMI and HD-SDI)

3 x Monitors


Telestream Wirecast Pro

We would also need some good quality microphones.


I know. In the cold light of day, it looks pretty incredible. But…but…I do believe this is possible.

If you can help in any way, with equipment, facilities or know how, please, please do contact me. Also, if you’re a production company that wants to get involved and talk about taking this to an online company, my email is

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


Iain Lee

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