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Marrakesh Express – first night!

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IMG_6007For some reason, I am in Marrakesh. I booked this trip last week on a whim. Life was getting to be way too heavy for me, so I did what addicts like to call a ‘geographical’ which basically means running away from all the stuff that was getting me down. The problem being that wherever I go, there I am.

The journey feels like it’s taken forever, but that’s because I started a long way away. I was in Scunthorpe this weekend taping my podcast The Rabbit Hole in front of a small but beautiful and highly appreciative audience. The venue, Cafe Indiependent, was absolutely stunning and we were made to feel very welcome. The small group that turned up looked very comfortable on the sofas and Laz-E-Boys that were used as seating. I messed up the technicals a bit and came away feeling a little annoyed with myself, but they were good shows.

So I was up bright and early to drive from Scarborough to Flitwick to drop Katherine home, and then on to Gatwick to come to Morocco. It really has been a long old day and I am absolutely shattered, but thrilled to have made it.

I very rarely go to places abroad on my own, which is odd because I really do prefer my own company. I annoy myself a lot and get flustered, but its better I experience these things with me and not someone else. Also, if I just want to sit around and do nothing, that’s cool. With someone else there I feel I have to be on all the time, and entertaining.

I wasn’t sure why I chose Marrakesh but I remembered a couple of weeks ago we pre-recorded a bit for the Apocalypse special that went out last week on my talkRADIO show The Late Night Alternative. Basically, we turned the phone in concert on its head and performed a little theatrical piece that was hinted at in hour 2 of the show and slowly took shape in the last hour. Anyway, in the pre-recorded bit (the first half hour was live, the second half hour was all taped in advance) I was reminded of the time I broadcast an LBC show from Marrakesh about 10 years ago. We had guests and the signal wasn’t great, in fact I think it dropped out a few times and the emergency tape may have even kicked in, but it was a pretty cool 3 hours of radio. What was even cooler about it was we weren’t even in Morocco. We hadn’t left our studio in Ladbroke Grove. The technical team just messed with the signal so it sounded very tinny and distant, I played a Moroccan market sound track and all of our guests, whilst being of Moroccan origin, also had establishments in Shepherds Bush. Hmm.

So this is probably why it was on my mind. I had initially wanted to go to North Korea but the trips are very expensive and there are only a few windows throughout the year you can go. Still, I’d love to do it one day.

After a brief stopover on Casablanca, I finally arrived in Marrakesh at 10.30pm. Here’s the funny thing, its in the same time zone as Britain. I don;t know why that amuses me so much, its not especially funny and I certainly wouldn’t open with it, but I don’t think I’ve ever been abroad and still been in the same time zone.

I’ve decided that while I’m here, I am going to do things I wouldn’t normally do. While I was waiting with the driver from the hotel, an American couple came and spoke to me. I answered briefly and they walked away. But no, I want to confront my fears and try and at least pretend to be a confident man, so I took a deep breath and went over and engaged them in conversation. This may not seem like a big thing to you, but to me it is HUGE. We chatted and they told me they were on their honeymoon and were musicians and cool stuff like that. When I ran out of things to say, I wanted to lift that awkward silence so I blurted out ‘Shame about Tom Petty dying, huh?’

Turns out they knew nothing about Tom’s passing and they were both quite upset by it.

Eventually we got to the hotel except it wasn’t a hotel, it was a hostel. This is cool because I kind of knew it was a hostel but didn’t want to admit that to myself. Look, the whole 6 nights including flights and hotel (sorry hostel) cost £490 so I wasn’t expecting much. the only other time I stayed in a hostel was in Japan in a Buddhist temple and it was easily the most uncomfortable 2 nights of my life. At least this time I had booked a room to myself and my own shower and toilet. Or so I thought…the hotel had obviously thought I was’t coming and rented my room out. Never mind, they knew somewhere nearby that would take me.

The room, which I am in now, is basic but OK. It’s a bed, well, 2 beds actually, and a shower and a toilet but I know it is going to get VERY noisy outside my room when all the heads and hippies come down in the morning. Ah well, 6 nights. Although part of me is thinking ‘fuck it, go to a nice hotel’.


I finally checked in around 12.30, dropped my stuff off and headed to the square. It was still bustling with life and plenty of market stalls were open. I bought a bottle of water and some juice for 10 times the price it said on the actual stall. Ah well, first night and all that. I then had a wander and was offered some pigs heads. I passed. Maybe tomorrow night.

After a meal of chicken tagine, I wandered back to the hostel where I was offered hash, grass and opium. I passed on all 3. A young beggar boy was pestering me for food in French. I politely declined and then ignored him. After a few minutes he said in perfect English ‘Oh fuck you you motherfucker’.

I am now in my ‘room’ wide awake. I’ve just looked at myself naked in the mirror and seen a fat old man looking back. The stuff I came here to avoid is still in my head. And now I’m wondering if I’ve made a terrible, terrible mistake coming here. I’ve left some of my meds at home, so I only have enough Mirtazapine for 4 nights. Not the end of the world, I can stretch them out a bit, but that’s making me anxious.

The Rabbit Hole Tour

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The Rabbit Hole is a wonderfully silly (sometimes serious) podcast I record with Katherine Boyle. It’s a live pre-recorded phone in show taped in front of a mostly live audience. We are now on tour, taking the show all over the place. This means we have only ONE London show this year, and it’s soon! So if you want to come to it, get tickets soon. Also, apart from London, all the venues are really small, holding maybe 50 or 60, so if you’re thinking of coming, please get tickets soon!

17th September – OUR ONLY LONDON SHOW! Kings Place

1st October – Scunthorpe – do we even have an audience in Scunthorpe? I hope so! Get your tickets here

14th October – Caroline of Brunswick in Brighton – This has almost sold out so get your tickets sharpish

29th October – Kardomah 94 – Hull – at last, we come to Hull! Please support us and come along!

We’ve also got our first show in Belfast happening in January of next year and we should be part of the Wolverhampton comedy festival in November 2017.


The Door Into Summer episode 3

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Exciting news. I have TWO new music shows! I’ll be hosting Sunday mornings on Virgin between 10pm and 1am starting July 9th and I could not be more excited! But I also do a home brew music show in my spare room once a week where I get to choose all the songs. The Door Into Summer gets its name from a Monkees song but I promise you, it’s not too Monkees heavy. I just sit at my desk and flick through my MP3’s. I was going to be a purist and use only CD’s and vinyl, but is actually a faff, so for now, it is all digital. I do have about 40,000 songs on my Mac, so it’s some task. One song begets the next which fires off a spark in my head taking us neatly to the third and so on for about an hour each week. I get nothing from it but the thrill of sharing good music.

You can get them all at and episode 3 is available HERE!


The Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee in New York part 2!

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A whole week of shows in NYC? What a silly idea! But, if Katherine and I could pull it off, what a coup? Unique in British radio. And I think we did. We packed the week full of interviews, guests and new locations. We overbooked. In the whole week we had a total of 3 hours to ourselves, and 2 of those were taken up with buying presents for the kids.

Still, what a thrill!


Kenny Kramer – the inspiration for the character of Kramer in Seinfeld. Kenny is a delight and a wonderful storyteller. We invited him for breakfast although he Kramerwas on his way to the doctors and couldn’t eat. Still, he told us wonderful stories of Larry David and turning bullshine into an art form. He wasn’t totally convinced Kath and I were really working for a UK radio station so he’s asked that all of you email to tell him we are legit! Please do it! He runs an ace Seinfeld tour that I went on years ago and you can get details at


WFMU – @WFMU and This place is a radio geeks dream! A concept completely alien to the UK, a radio station staffed primarily by volunteers and funded by IMG_4531the listeners. I first discovered it by accident and then was lucky enough that the first person to reach out to me from there was Amanda Nazario, a young lady who presents an absolute powerhouse of a radio show. Her twitter is and you can see more about her show here – expect Lovin’ Spoonful followed by some swear punk band followed by space IMG_4536music. The show is incredible and she is a real inspiration. Her attitude certainly made me up my game on my shows and her and Irwin Chusid are the idea behind my new show on MixCloud 



We also spoke to Kim and Emily, hosts of In Real Life, I hadn’t heard the show when I Kim and emilyspoke to them but I have now and it is delightful. Have a listen here and follow them on Twitter here

It was a real thrill to chat to Irwin Chusid at WFMU. He’s the guy that discovered the Langley Schools Music Project music and Chusidmanaged to get it released. It’s an insane album and you should get it NOW by clicking HERE Irwin was a delight and another inspiration behind me getting off my ass as the Americans say and doing a music show in my spare room and spare time. His passion was infectious and we are going to get him back on the show, I promise. Check out his show here

I cannot tell you how amazing I think this station is. Its magical. We recorded too much stuff there so the little tour Amanda gave us will come out as a separate pod. Follow me on Twitter to find out when all the pods get released. In the meantime, here’s a taster of what we experienced there

The Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee in New York – Part 1

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I can’t remember how or when I came up with the silly idea of taking the show to New York, but I do remember carrying it around with me for a few weeks before daring to share it with Katherine Boyle, my producer and co-host. She didn’t laugh. She just nodded and agreed that we could do it. My boss at talkRADIO, Dennie, also didn’t laugh and said he’d help us anyway he could.


I didn’t just want to do the usual show in NYC. It seemed pointless to fly over there, pay for a hotel and present exactly the same 15 hours of entertainment we could have done at home. Kath and I were adamant we wanted to bring New York home to you, the listener. If we experienced it, we wanted you to experience it. The show had to be noisy, sweaty and packed full of voices you wouldn’t normally hear. With that in mind, we spent the 6 weeks or so before we went away asking you for guest suggestions, going through our iPods and emailing EVERYONE! Some people came back saying no, some didn’t even come back, but, the people that did come back with a positive reaction were amazing. If anything, we overbooked ourselves.

Over the course of 5 days we met musicians, artists, comedians, podcasters, authors and fruitcakes. It was delicious fun and incredibly inspiring. So many voices crammed our show that there is a chance you may have missed a few of them and the links and websites they gave out. So, here’s part 1 of a little catch up where I will do my best to point you in the direction of the people we spoke to.


MONDAY 12th June

Maeve Higgins @MaeveInAmerica – we were so thrilled to speak to Maeve. I had been aware of her because she had popped up in my Twitter timeline a couple of times, but I hadn’t listened to her fab podcast Maeve In America It is funny, touching, sad, weird and full of stories. An absolutely wonderful listen. You can listen to our chat with Maeve here


Andrea Astoria @TheRedBunnyy – we broadcast our first NYC show from Pie By The Pound and didn’t have a guest planned for the first hour. Jeffrey, the owner asked if we’d like to interview a local artist who had her work displayed in the restaurant. We of course said yes and were so pleased to chat to Andrea who does some very naughty pics! You can have a look at You can hear our words here





P1000176Gregg Young – The Bowery Boys is a superb podcast detailing the history of NYC in a unique and fascinating way. Each episode is a story focusing in on one aspect of the city’s past. I kind of developed a man crush on Gregg. He was so knowledgable and whereas I just usually make stuff up, he actually knows things! Wanna hear our voices? Go here


TUESDAY 13th June

Steve Guttenberg @steveguttbuck – love this man. Absolute legend and friend. He kindly met us for breakfast and chatted to us about…life really. Such a cool dude. Love that man and you will too if you listen here




Keith and the Girl @KeithAndTheGirl – This was such a thrill. Loads of you had suggested we try and get Keith and Chemda on the show, and I am so glad you did. Not only did we interview the, for our show, but Kath and I also had the honour of appearing on their show. We can only guess that someone else must have dropped out. You can hear our episode here and download all their shows from iTunes or your usual pod providers or You can listen to them being interviewed for MY show here

While we were there we also spoke to two excellent young comedians. First was Andrea Allen. Here are her podcast and how to contact her

And Hann Cowger also chatted to us. Twitter

You can listen to my show on DAB in the UK and also on the talkRADIO app or the @radioplayer or @tunein apps. Or, you can listen live weeknights from 10pm UK time on  There are daily podcasts you can get from all your usual pod providers, or from iTunes


While we were in NYC, Kath and I decided to make some silly videos. Here are a couple of them. You can find the rest in my YT channel

Here’s a fun one. Free The Nipples!


And I got an exclusive interview with Donald Trump

Please share with as many people as you can, tick your RAJAR diaries and spread the word!



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I am bringing The Rabbit Hole with me and Katherine to Newcastle on July 9th! It’s an early evening show (5pm) cheap (a tenner) and should be a laugh. Come and watch us record new episodes and join in the fun. As always, we’ll stick around after the show for pics and chats and whatnot. Get your tickets by either visiting The Stand’s website or clicking here

Listen to The Rabbit Hole NOW!

So many ways to hear my new radio show!

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Hello team

Some of you still don’t know that I know host a late night phone in show 5 nights a week! Incredible, but true. Almost as if talkRADIO haven’t spent any money on advertising. Never fear, I am here to tell you all the ways you can listen to it.


The show goes out 5 nights a week, Monday to Friday, between 10pm and 1am. The BEST slot in the schedule as far as I’m concerned. You can listen live via the talkRADIO website. Go to and there will be a handy button at the top of the page. The show isn’t on FM but IT IS on DAB. You may need to do a deep retune of your DAB to get it, please check your manuals. You can also download a handy talkRADIO app for iPhones and Androids. Get it. It’s free. And good.

I also stream most shows on Periscope. is my Peri address. Follow me for random other things I do on there as well.


It is a piece of pish to listen to an entire show after it has aired. Go to click on ‘RADIO’ then ‘SCHEDULE’ then pick a date, scroll down, find my show and hit ‘LISTEN AGAIN’. It comes up in 30 minute chunks but it will play through continuously. Here’s a short video walking you through the procedure.


We put out 1 or 2 pods a day. A best of that runs at about 90 minutes, and if we have a guest, that will go out as well. You can get it from your usual pod providers, just type in ‘Iain Lee talk’ and it should show up. Here are some links to help you find it.

iTunes –

Overcast FM –

PocketCasts –

Podcast Addict –

Acast –

TuneIn –

RSS Feed –


I often post videos of particularly funny bits on my YouTube channel. The channel address is Here’s an example of the stuff I post, an hilarious game called ‘Tastes Like Food’



We will often post clips of the show on SoundCloud. Here’s an example from a recent show when some ‘lads’ phoned up to talk to Cundy and Goldstein on talkSPORT. The muppets.

I think that’s it. I really appreciate your continued support for my show, it means so much to me. May I humbly ask that if you find a video or clip of mine you enjoy, then please do share it? It all helps raise my profile, increase my audience and make my job all the more secure. Thanks for reading and sharing this post.


Late Nights With Iain Lee in New York!

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So, it’s actually happening. We are taking the nightly radio show to New York, New York for a week of very special shows. I am so thrilled about this and I think we can bring something very special to you, the listener.

The show will be coming from NY between Monday 12th and Friday 16th June. It will still be weeknights at 10, live, and you’ll be able to call in as per usual, but we really want to try and capture the atmosphere of the fantastic city and share it through the airwaves. And for that, I really need your help.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you for a penny. This is a jolly, and while we will be working hard, Kath and I will also be in bloody America! This is a unique opportunity, so please don’t for a second think I am asking you to dip into your pocket. I would not be so bold.

What I need from you are location and guest suggestions. I’ve already got 3 top stars lined up that will blow your minds, and I’ve ‘reached out’ to a q few more. But any names or characters or local people of interest you can think of, please let me know. I’ll put my email at the end of this post. They don’t have to be famous, au contraire, any locals of interest would be gratefully appreciated.

Maybe you listen to a podcast or radio show made in NY that I’ve missed, please, tell me, I’d love to listen and make contact with them. WE can of course arrange some cross promotion.

We also need locations. Small radio stations, studios, cafes with good internet, maybe you’re a listener to the show and you live in NY – we could do the show from your house! All we really need is good, reliable internet we can plug our little box of tricks into. And that’s it. We have a show.

Listen, this could be something really unique in the world of broadcasting, get your thinking caps on and let me know if you can help. My email is iain@iainleecom and I’m keen to hear your thoughts.

A Few Hours With The Nintendo Switch

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You know I’m a massive gamer, right? Always have been, since the days of my Dragon 32 and BBC Micro, I’ve loved computer games. For the last few years I have been an Xbox fan boy, but always had a soft spot for the PlayStation. they are both beautiful machines. Nintendo hasn’t figured in my life too much recently. Saying that, I just bought a second hand GameCube to be stored at work for when I finish my show ‘prep’ early and there’s nothing on the telly. Mario Kart and SSX Tricky shall be filling a void before I talk to people on the radio. I had a Wii, I liked the Wii but I don’t think I was in love with it. And because of that, I was a little suspicious of the Switch when it was first announced. In fact, when asked if I was going to get one, I’d reply with a ‘Nah, I don’t think it’s for me’. But knowing it was out, knowing that people were in their homes playing a new console…I felt very left out. So, I bit the bullet and bought one.

I wasn’t expecting much but even still, I was more than a little giddy with excitement when I got it out of the box. It’s tiny but absolutely beautiful. It looks stunning and feels sumptuous to hold. Switching it on for the first time I felt a little flutter, it may have been the controllers twitching into life, but I like to think it was my heart, excited to be connecting with a Nintendo machine for the first time in ages.

Look, let me jump to the chase. I love it. Aesthetically it is VERY pleasing. The controls are a joy to finger and the screen is magnificent. Of course, you can plug it into your telly as well, and the colours flood the room. At the moment I’ve only got one game, the 1-2 Switch that comes with it, so I can’t speak too much about other games (Zelda is downloading as we speak) and again, I really didn’t think the demo game would be any cop. In fact a few people had told me it was rubbish. Well, maybe they weren’t in the right frame of mind, or perhaps they didn’t have 5 and 7 year olds boys giggling with delight. It isn’t going to set the world on fire, but guess what? 1-2 is FUN. Actual, stupid, silly, laugh out loud, shout as your partner falls on their backside, FUN. And isn’t that really the essence of a good game? We allowed them to become too serious, too intellectual, too…well…dull. But 1-2 is ridiculous and that’s why it works. Today I have been milking a cow, rocking a baby to sleep and having an eating contest. My fave round though has to be Telephone. You sit and wait for a phone to ring. That’s it. Wonderful. My boys seemed to enjoy Air Guitar the most and now end the round with a huge ‘Thank you fans!’

Today Nintendo Switch has lifted my spirits more than any video game has for a long time. I have spent a good few hours laughing at its childishness and loving it. This is just the tip of the iceberg, I know, and I can’t wait to see what else this little bundle of fun can do.

Hey, I’ve written for games mags, presented TV shows on games and also done online work for Nintendo. If anyone wants to hire me for any of these things again, please drop me an email at Many thanks.