Late Nights With Iain Lee in New York!

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Late Nights With Iain Lee in New York!

So, it’s actually happening. We are taking the nightly radio show to New York, New York for a week of very special shows. I am so thrilled about this and I think we can bring something very special to you, the listener.

The show will be coming from NY between Monday 12th and Friday 16th June. It will still be weeknights at 10, live, and you’ll be able to call in as per usual, but we really want to try and capture the atmosphere of the fantastic city and share it through the airwaves. And for that, I really need your help.

Don’t worry, I’m not asking you for a penny. This is a jolly, and while we will be working hard, Kath and I will also be in bloody America! This is a unique opportunity, so please don’t for a second think I am asking you to dip into your pocket. I would not be so bold.

What I need from you are location and guest suggestions. I’ve already got 3 top stars lined up that will blow your minds, and I’ve ‘reached out’ to a q few more. But any names or characters or local people of interest you can think of, please let me know. I’ll put my email at the end of this post. They don’t have to be famous, au contraire, any locals of interest would be gratefully appreciated.

Maybe you listen to a podcast or radio show made in NY that I’ve missed, please, tell me, I’d love to listen and make contact with them. WE can of course arrange some cross promotion.

We also need locations. Small radio stations, studios, cafes with good internet, maybe you’re a listener to the show and you live in NY – we could do the show from your house! All we really need is good, reliable internet we can plug our little box of tricks into. And that’s it. We have a show.

Listen, this could be something really unique in the world of broadcasting, get your thinking caps on and let me know if you can help. My email is iain@iainleecom and I’m keen to hear your thoughts.

Rabbit Hole 3 – Kath writes eloquently about The Rabbit Hole

Rabbit Hole 3 – Kath writes eloquently about The Rabbit Hole

This weekend we record our second batch of Rabbit Hole podcasts, so what have I learned after editing the last lot? Here are my (limited) thoughts:

  1. Need to sharpen up on boring stuff like time management and blah, blah, blah.
  1. Really want to get the audience involved more. I suspect it’ll come with time, but please let us know if you have any ideas about lessening their fear of stepping up to the mic (apart from booze, they’re already all over that one) would be gratefully accepted.
  1. There are A LOT of cocks on the internet. I’m sure we’ll see plenty more, but perhaps we’ll limit the hunting expeditions. A bit.
  1. My laugh is really loud and annoying. Sorry about that. I suspect there’s a limited amount I can do, but I’ll try to back off the mic next time I suffer an eruption.

Other than that, I’m really excited about things. I think we’re on to something good, downloads have far exceeded our expectations, and we can’t wait to see how things develop.

To that end, we’d love to see you at one of the live shows – there are bound to be bits you’ll experience that won’t make it into the final cut, the atmosphere’s always cracking and there is beer.

You can get in on the act by going to but, but, BUT that’s not the only way. We need your calls to make this baby fly, so please give us a shout between 1930 and 2200 (GMT) this Sunday whether it’s via phone +44 (0)2032 866 370 or Skype HeyRabbitHoleShow and we’ll be your best friends forever and ever Amen.

Word to your mothers.

Kath x