The Rabbit Hole Celebrates it’s 43rd Episode

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Yes, it may well be incorrectly labelled as 42 but it is actually the magical episode 43. We discuss True olympics, a bloke called Gary shits himself, and the Luton audience go wild! The Rabbit Hole is a podcast show unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. A phone in show recorded live in front of a live audience.

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The Rabbit Hole – Naughty Salt!

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I haven’t really shouted about the show I do with Katherine Boyle too much really, so here goes! The Rabbit Hole is a live phone in show pre-recorded in front of a live studio audience. We travel all over the world to bring you the weirdest and silliest in interactive podcasting! There are now 42 episodes and a new one pops up every Thursday morning!

Here is the latest episode recorded live in Luton!

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I Answered The Question Buddy Bing Bong

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I love hosting The Late Night Alternative weeknights from 10pm on It really is my fave slot and the best job I’ve ever had. One of the joys is we allow anyone to call in, whatever their social skills. Ian called up to question why Paul Ross was no longer presenting the breakfast show. I didn’t know the answer. He didn’t believe me.

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The Yes/No Game…For 3 Hours…

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This week we played the Yes/No game for the whole 3 hours of the show. Some callers were great at it. Others weren’t quite so good. Here’s Jack, a 13 year old lad, who was pretty poor. This made me laugh so much.

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Iain Lee Vs Radio LIVE Movie

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Here’s a film of my live show Iain Lee Vs Radio. I was going to sell it as a DVD but thought I’d offer it to you guys for free. If you want to drop some pennies in the hat, you can make donations via PayPal as it cost a few quid to make or you can go straight to this link

The Incoherent Ramblings of my Callers

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Andre has been calling me on and off for about 9 years now. He’s a strange old fish. Recently he’s taken to singing along to rather maudlin tunes, my sister thinks he should be the next John Lewis as. Anyway, he recently called and made even less sense than usual. I have no idea what he’s banging on about, but it’s very funny.

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Grease 2

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Last night I gave away movies on my show The Late Night Alternative. You didn’t get anything as crass as a DVD or VHS, you got to own all the rights to the film. Alan Caddick rang in and asked for Grease 2. We decided he should try and get it screened on a proper TV channel so we called Fox News in the USofA to see if they’d be prepared to show it. The call didn’t go well.

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Racist Jonathan Saves A Cat

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Jonathan is a regular caller to my show The Late Night Alternative. I find him fascinating. His calls range from outright racism to reminiscing about 80’s video games. His most recent obsession has been Japanese wrestling. Last night he called to talk about a wet pussy, I kid you not.

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The Monkees Live in Japan 1968 video HELP!

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In 1968, The Monkees toured Australia and Japan. These concerts were hugely successful despite the fact Monkeemania was waning in the US and the UK. Their movie Head had yet to be released and would be seen by many as the groups suicide note to the world, although it’s more likely Bob Rafelson’s murder confession. In the Far East The Monkees were kings.

Despite being mocked for originally not playing on their own records, by this stage the group had become a very tight musical unit. A little garagey for sure, but they really could rock. 6 shows were played in Japan to ecstatic fans who were incredibly excited to see their TV heroes come to life before their very eyes. Here are the dates played in Japan in 1968 –

October 3: Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan (2 shows)
October 4: Budokan Hall, Tokyo, Japan
October 5: Kokusai Hall, Kyoto, Japan
October 7: Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan
October 8: Festival Hall, Osaka, Japan

It is believed that one of these shows was taped and broadcast over 2 nights on Japanese television. The audio of this broadcast exists, complete with Japanese commentary which many fans find annoying (personally, I find it rather endearing!). You can listen to the audio here

The video however has never surfaced. It is the Holy Grail amongst Monkees collectors. I’m not 100% sure that it was even broadcast on television. My mission is to find out 2 things – firstly, was this concert actually broadcast on Japanese television and secondly, where the bloody hell is it now?

If you can help in any way whatsoever, please email Honestly, no nugget of information is too small. Did you see it? Did your parents see it? Have you ever been in the vaults of a Japanese TV station and seen a mysteriously labelled videocassette with the words The Monkees on? Did you tape this off your television? Anything you can provide will help as I strive to bring this lost treasure to the world of Monkees fans.

A big thanks to the fab for pics and facts.

Peace and love.