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So me and Katherine Boyle are trying something completely new. It’s a real punt and we could totally end up with egg on our faces. Imagine! 2 people doing a brand new thing in front of an audience that may be a total car crash! C’est incredible!

The Rabbit Hole is a brand new podcast
/audio show/piece of art in conjunction with the wonderful boffins at Acast. They do the Adam Buxton and Scroobius Pip pods to name but 2. They’re a pretty cool company that are really in to getting new and exciting audio shows into your earholes. Once a month, Kath and I are going to put on a live event. At each event we will try and record 2 episodes of The Rabbit Hole. You can buy tickets and come and watch. If you’re in the audience, you can even get up onstage and join in. If you’re not there, you can watch on Periscope and CALL IN. Yes, it’s a pre-recorded live phone in show podcast pod.

As I’m typing this I’m realising that actually, it sounds nuts. The odds of it working are pretty slim BUT WE ARE STILL GOING TO DO IT!
I’m getting ahead of myself.

The stage will have a table, a laptop, a screen and 3 microphones. I’ll be sat at 1 mic, Kath at the other. The third is in case any one in the audience feels like coming up onstage and being part of the show. The laptop and screen is so people can call in (02032866370) or Skype (HeyRabbitHoleShow). In fact, that number and Skype are up and running now so you can even leave messages for us.

That’s it. What if no one calls in? We’re screwed. What if no one turns up? We are absolutely buggered. What if it’s a complete car crash? Well, that could still be fun. What I do know for sure is that this is a world first, a completely unique experiment in audio art installations.rabbitholelogo

Want to come? We’re recording a few shows in London. We did look for venues in the West Midlands but I’m afraid they didn’t come off. We will get around the country, I promise. So, we are recording on Sunday 19th February and Sunday 26th March. There are still some tickets available but they are selling out quickly. Get them here¬†Also, we have one Performance Ring in February (sold out) and that will be the last one of those until the summer at the earliest. We want to throw everything into The Rabbit Hole for the foreseeable.

Thanks for your support. We really appreciate all your kind words and for having the faith in us to do something new and different!

3 thoughts on “Down The Rabbit Hole – new live show and podcast

  1. Christopher Ament says:

    Well, my opinion doesent really count since I live in the States, however, it looks like a good idea to me. There isnt anything like that here in Dallas, Texas. Wish there was. As far as trying new’s like when a cheetah hunts…she will make 10 attempts for every one success….so, just keep thinking of new things and eventually one idea is going to take off….maybe this is the one?! I’ve only called in once, you were very nice, but you could have also been snarky with me and I’d be ok with that lol…People have too much thin skin these days…anyway, I love you like a brother and I enjoy you immensley (mispell)… and keep your chin up, there are many people who really like you guys, that you dont even know about. Thank you again Iain and Kathy. ~with much love and respect, Christopher

  2. Hemmo says:

    This sounds flipping brilliant! I for one cannot wait! I hope to be in the audience and maybe even on stage.. or on the phone. Woop
    Good luck Iain and Kath x

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