The Rabbit Hole Celebrates it’s 43rd Episode

Yes, it may well be incorrectly labelled as 42 but it is actually the magical episode 43. We discuss True olympics, a bloke called Gary shits himself, and the Luton audience go wild! The Rabbit Hole is a podcast show unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. A phone in show recorded live in front of a live audience.

Want to take part? You can. NOW! Just call 0203 286 6370 and leave a message for a future show. You can also Skype HeyRabbitHoleShow

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One thought on “The Rabbit Hole Celebrates it’s 43rd Episode

  1. Jay Olding says:

    The kids keep finding the hidden presents , so the wife said put them in the loft..

    Theyve been up there crying for 2hrs

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