The Rabbit Hole ‘TV’ Show Live

About 6 months ago I had an idea to try and stream a multi camera TV show in front of an audience. After lots of trial and error and buying expensive bits of kit that didn’t do what I wanted, I cut the idea back a bit into something my Mac could handle. What we ended up with was a 2 camera shoot hosted by myself and Katherine Boyle. We got sent some short films from YOU lot and tricked Katie Puckrik into appearing as our special guest. And you know what? It worked! We had around 700 live viewers and an audience in the venue of 100. That’s actually pretty good.

I’m pleased with this first episode and I will do it again. I’d do a few things differently – a couple less films and I;d have the audience microphones open while we showed the films. You can’t hear from this but all of these (apart from the terrifying Best Of Groundforce) got HUGE LAUGHS.

Anyway, we enjoyed this. We will do it again. Know a small venue of around 100 with excellent wifi? Then let me know!


3 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole ‘TV’ Show Live

  1. Katie Fraser says:

    You should come down to Birmingham to the Hippodrome theatre that has excellent wi fi and meeting rooms you could use one of and bars inside the main aiditorium or you could the Patrick Studio with tables inside it!

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