Last Few Iain Lee Vs Radio Shows….

I’ve decided to do a handful of Iain Lee Vs Radio shows. Not sure why. I find the whole process too stressful but part of me feels I didn’t quite finish what I started in 2015. I know lots of you didn’t get to see it and have emailed me saying you want to see it. If you’ve seen the show before this is pretty much the same thing BUT I have added a few extra bits and moved some pieces around. I might add some more new bits as the shows go on. I’m kind of half working on a new show called, predictably, Iain Lee Vs TV and this incorporates some of that.

Anyway, I have 3 shows booked for now. If they sell out I might add a few more a bit further north but…what if no one comes!

Dates so far are…

Sunday March 12th – The Stables Milton Keynes (almost SOLD OUT) get tickets here

Sunday 2nd April – Glee Club Nottingham, tickets HERE

Sunday 4th June – Glee Club Birmingham, tickets HERE

Don’t forget, I hang around after if you want to get pictures or have a chat and stuff.

Oh! And you can also buy a CD of Iain Lee Vs Radio and/or a digital download of the show. If you get the download, you also get a completely different show (well, the same) recorded on a different night. Please buy these as I am hungry. Get them here

Thanks team. Love you.



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