So This Happened with Iain Lee – my new show!

I recently bought a green screen kit for the princely sun of £65. I thought this would be a folly like most of my purchases and remain unused. Well, balls to that. In an effort to stave off depression I have been forcing myself to firstly learn how to use it and then secondly make something with it. The result is ‘So This Happened…’ a clip show, filmed in my flat, and made entirely by me.

Heres episode 1. Its a little bit bumpy as I was still getting to terms with the technology. It’s nothing too arch or clever, just fun, silly clips that have had some sort of impact on me. Episode 1 features Limmy, the Barenaked Ladies and a Greek woman impersonating Stevie Wonder.

It’s free. Please share, like and comment. If you DO want to pop a few quid in the hat to fund this project then please make a payment via but you are under no obligation.


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