Nope. You won't believe that. But. No. I wasn't. I looked at the evidence, reconsidered and changed my mind. We are… 2 hours ago
@johnbC74 @mrjamesob @bbclaurak Make a mistake, apologise and try and make amends. I'm still learning. 2 hours ago
I think I was a little hasty and too keen to get involved with the mob and pile on someone yesterday. It's really h… 2 hours ago
@balconyshirts Try again. 3 hours ago
RT @LewisJ815: @iainlee can’t stop muttering “practice your listening skills!” To myself when listening to callers speaking over hosts on r… 3 hours ago
RT @timbolton1: Just about to put a load of my John Lennon memorabilia on Ebay. Imagine all the Paypal. 3 hours ago
RT @iainlee: Our only London show this year! Join me and @FlippinKath on Saturday 14th December at 3pm for a 2 hour rollercoaster ride of a… 5 hours ago
RT @PeteDTrenchard: This is a thing I'm trying for a bit of a giggle. Please follow and share if you enjoy? 5 hours ago
RT @JenKirkman: There has never been an airport restaurant that’s aware of the fact that it’s housed in an establishment that’s all about p… 13 hours ago
RT @historyinmoment: Paul McCartney & John Lennon, 1961. 13 hours ago
@emjric @FlippinKath Oh 16 hours ago
RT @APlender: @iainlee @FlippinKath When’s Chris going to say “Behave”? #ChrisBingo 16 hours ago




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