Hahhahahahha can't believe Hugh actually believes the theatre of the show.... 10 minutes ago
RT @paruss: @iainlee wow that’s 20 mins of radio I’ll never forget. 39 minutes ago
RT @___LAG___: @iainlee should we actually be worried about these people. They tweet and call to say they hate the show and we dismiss them… 1 hour ago
RT @SallyMc37: @iainlee I can't tell you how angry that Steve has made me. I actually clenched my fist. Don't think I've ever done that bef… 1 hour ago
Ha. You're nuts. Bye. 1 hour ago
Fuck off then you snowflake. 2 hours ago
I think your attitude sucks. 2 hours ago
Fuck off. 2 hours ago
What do YOU want? 2 hours ago
Excuse me, off to the loo for a little cry before the show... 2 hours ago
@joaemp @ImaniCoppola Thanks Jo. It's gonna be some album. 3 hours ago
It's been a gas but after the @ImaniCoppola release Unsung next month I'm out of the record business. I've enjoyed… 3 hours ago