RT @boylanmark: @iainlee @FlippinKath falling off her chair in raptures was a particular highlight. It's a pure joy seeing two mates having… 7 hours ago
Missed last nights show? (it went from weird, to very funny, to melancholy to filth) you can WATCH it here 7 hours ago
@leebest928 Ha ha. You're a good man. But it's cool, thanks! 8 hours ago
RT @AndreaComedy: Why do all hair products look like cum? IS THERE CUM IN THERE? I SWEAR TO GOD ILL KILL YOU ALL. 16 hours ago
Now bigging up @AndreaComedy on the show. 18 hours ago
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No fuck given. 19 hours ago
RT @OgachekoOmale: @iainlee can't belief you've titled your show " Russia is the best country and trump is a great president" and the whole… 19 hours ago
RT @paulsquiz: @iainlee Just spat toothpaste and water everywhere as you dropped the C-bomb there... brilliant timing and just deserved end… 19 hours ago
RT @RabbitHoleLIVE: If you had to have sex with an animal, which one would it be? Call @iainlee & @FlippinKath now on 0344 499 1000, http… 20 hours ago
RT @thew00d: @iainlee returning listener. Used to love your LBC drive time show all those years ago. What have I missed? 20 hours ago
Russia is the best country and Trump is a great president 0344 499 1000 21 hours ago