Talking to Kyle who preserves tattoos after people pass away. It's pretty incredible. Check out their website… 2 minutes ago
RT @craigavonsams: @iainlee @samaritans Don't be sorry you did great - Every contribution/donation makes a big difference to the work Samar… 22 minutes ago
My 8 year old son was set this maths problem at school. I can't work it out. Can you? 57 minutes ago
@20S0mething I'm going to raid YOU! 1 hour ago
@20S0mething Oh no! Sorry! Thanks for the raid! 2 hours ago
From 10pm - an impossible maths problem - at what stage did you start letting rip in front of your partner? - last… 2 hours ago
Come and join us for some preshow chat live! Ask anything! @FlippinKath 3 hours ago
RT @SolihullSams: @iainlee @samaritans Brilliant! Well done @iainlee , we are all so grateful at @samaritans @SolihullSams 👏👏💚💚 7 hours ago
RT @squarechapel: @reece_dinsdale @iainlee Grab your tickets here, folks: 11 hours ago
RT @Hutchinsonpics1: @reece_dinsdale @SamuelTPayne @squarechapel @iainlee "Roll up, roll up, come on over to Halifax and enjoy the festive… 11 hours ago
Good to see a spokesman from the Tim Dawson community stepping up and apologising. It's difficult not to taint all… 11 hours ago
RT @thegaryshow: I have a ticket for both the @RabbitHoleLIVE Xmas Party and Live Show on Sunday 9th December but can't now go. I paid £25… 11 hours ago




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