Compared to a Nazi. Love it. Thanks @jambonnie - you certainly won't be allowed in to the Glasgow show now! 3 hours ago
Don't forget while I'm branding and culling ther herd, you can listen to @FlippinKath and @KatiePuckrik tonight fro… 3 hours ago
@DBalotti Thank YOU for your service on the flight! X 3 hours ago
RT @Essexsteve78: @senneca_ @iainlee Oh I hope the bosses read these. Katherine Boyle should be given a permanent slot upon @talkRADIO.… 3 hours ago
RT @talkRADIO: Iain phoned Kath to apologise. Listen to Kath host The Late Night Alternative all this week from 10pm. Watch ▼ @IainLee | @… 3 hours ago
RT @PDTtheGeeky: As a fan of @iainlee and @InfiniteHermit, this was really distressing to listen to. At first they were quite friendly but… 3 hours ago
RT @JimSterling: I thought @InfiniteHermit liked to give me grief in interviews. Then I heard him talk to @iainlee. This is fucking great.… 23 hours ago
RT @FubarRadio: The gloves are well and truly off! There's only one way to find out what caused this exchange of words between @iainlee &… 23 hours ago
RT @FubarRadio: This week on the show Ian Boldsworth (@InfiniteHermit) is going to be joined by two iconic guests in the form of broadcaste… 23 hours ago
@FlippinKath And then emails me saying I'm harrassing him while he's posting up where women he hates live! Oh dear @marcabbiss 2 days ago
RT @talkRADIO: Relive the Late Night Alternative at a time that suits you online ▼ @iainlee 2 days ago
Thanks for the reaction...if only there were a way to stop receiving my tweets. @Twitter can youhelp? 2 days ago