RT @rsvan1: @iainlee came across this on facebook 26 minutes ago
RT @paulgrimsey: ⁦@UKGap⁩ This was how the poor ⁦@iainlee⁩ was “penguin” marched home last night by ⁦@FlippinKath⁩ to hide his embarrassmen… 55 minutes ago
@UKGap my brand new jeans split on my first wear. I've emailed you but nothing. Can you reply please? 2 hours ago
RT @Jondacleco: @iainlee @UKGap Dear Mr Lee. We are sorry to hear this and can send you a larger size than the spit pair. Kind regards. GAPS 12 hours ago
RT @AnthonyN77: Still one of my fave episodes!! 😂😂 @iainlee >>>>> The Late Night Alternative with Iain Lee: Zilch - Tuesday, September 26 |… 14 hours ago
This is hilarious and heartbreaking. Brand new jeans. I squat. They split. I feel my arse twice to make sure. Yup.… 14 hours ago
Hey @ukgap this is genuine. 15 hours ago
Here we go 19 hours ago
RT @thwphipps: the year is 2019 and president trump is discussing isis with prime minister johnson 19 hours ago
RT @rchrdctswrth: @iainlee @UKGap I’m sat on the front row and have had to view Mr Lee’s anus several times now, please compensate me for t… 19 hours ago
Dear @UKGap bought these online. Worn them for the first time today. They split ONSTAGE IN FRONT OF 300 PEOPLE. Ca… 19 hours ago
Live Show Live from Putney. Call us on 0203 286 6370 or Skype HeyRabbitHoleShow 20 hours ago




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