£4.99 Per Month + VAT

You will get a daily Iain & Katherine podcast lasting about 45 minutes. Guaranteed minimum of 3 podcasts a week. This is the only way to get to podcast kids, so jump onboard one and all.

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£6.66 Per Month + VAT

As well as at least 3 eps per week of the 45 minute-ish podcast of The Iain & Katherine Show you also get the FULL show in audio form. This is also the only way (or the tiers above) to watch the full show LIVE and also the FULL SHOW after it has broadcast. We call this the Iain and Katherine After Show Party Lock-In. The first 45 minutes of the show will be free to watch live. After that, we go behind a paywall and YOU, dear Patron, get sent the link if you sign up to this £6.66 tier or above.This is at least another hour or two or three of the live video stream.

You will also become Iain and Katherine Discord Pop Club Members and get a channel on our Discord to chat about, well, whatever you want really!

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£20 Per Month + VAT

Everything in the previous tiers, obvs, inclduing a special Discord Channel!

You will also get an invitation to a monthly, private, non streamed Elite Zoom meeting where you can pitch ideas for the show.

As well as all that, you get EXCLUSIVE solo podcasts such as The Door Into Summer, The Stereo Show and anything else we feel like making as and when.

Also, all Elite will get a shout out once a month. They deserve nothing less.

Oh, and did we mention, you lot got first dibs on playing video games with us! Yes, we will be playing games on and off stream and YOU can play with us.

Finally, you get discounts on merch (except the stuff from Scott Balcony – t shirst and whatnot) and, wherever possible, discounts on live shows.

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£150 Per Month + VAT

You get everything from the previous tiers and the satisfaction that ALL of our kids get to eat this month.

Oh! You also get an exclusive Zoom meal with both of us and the other Royal Box members! Each month, we send all of you a link and a time for us to eat together online, live and virtually.

Thank you for your support.

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